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OBJECTIVE: To assess the clinical radiology research productivity in Pakistan by type of publication, sources of funding and name of journals.

METHODS: A systematic search strategy using key words related to techniques and type of clinical radiology was carried out to identify various studies published in Indexed (Medline) and non-indexed (Pakmedinet) medical journals.

RESULTS: Total of 397 studies were identified out of which 173(43%) from Medline (indexed database) and 220 (57%) from pakmedinet (Indexed and non- indexed database of Pakistan Medical journals). Original articles were 294 (74%) but most of them (68%) were published in non-indexed journals and significantly different from other articles types (case reports, short reports, review articles and letter to editors) (p-value < 0.001). No Randomized Controlled Trial was identified. No research was funded by any formal financial agency. As high as 78% of indexed studies were published by radiology centers of Sind province. Private hospitals having radiology department contributed significantly in indexed journals compared to government hospitals (p-value < 0.001). Majority (74%) of the studies were done by radiologists as compared to other non-radiology clinical colleagues (p-value < 0.001). The most preferred journal for publication was the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA; N = 43) followed by Annals of King Edward medical college (Ann KEMC; N = 20). Australasian journal of radiology was the most preferred international journal for publication (Australas Radiol N = 3). No significant difference was found in radiology research production in terms of number of publication from and before the year 2000 (p-value 0.51).

CONCLUSION: Clinical radiology research production from Pakistan is low in terms of quality and number. Only few studies reach the standard of publication in international medical journals. There is an urgent need of building the foundation of research programmes in radiology and strengthen research capacity building at facility and health policy level.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association

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