The uterine biophysical profile scoring validity

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Objective: To determine the applicability of uterine biophysical profile (UBP) scoring with chances of pregnancy in a spontaneous cycle in a cohort of females with unexplained infertility.
Design: Observational study.
Place and duration of study: A secondary level private hospital, from June 2003 to June 2004.
Patients and methods: The study subjects included 26 infertile females in the third decade of life primarily referred for follicle maturation monitoring by ultrasound with patent tubes and normal utero-ovarian morphology. Male factor infertility was also excluded. The UBP was determined by applying the uterine scoring system for reproduction (USSR). A score of 17 or above, out of a perfect score of 20, was hypothesized to be favorable for pregnancy. Frequency of pregnancy was correlated with the cumulative score as well as individual variable. Significance of correlation was taken at p<0.05.
Results: None of the patients showed a perfect score of 20. A score of 17 was noted in 06 patients out of whom 04 conceived (pregnancy rate=66.6%). A score of 15 or less was observed in 20 patients, none of whom conceived (p=0.001). No significant correlation was found with any of the individual variables including the endometrium and myometrium characteristics, as well as the uterine artery flow. Myometrium contraction was the most technically difficult parameter to be observed.
Conclusion: In this small cohort of patients, an ultrasonographically assessed uterine score of 17 or above was significantly associated with chances of pregnancy in the similar spontaneous cycle.

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Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons--Pakistan : JCPSP