The osseus manifestation of acute leukemias in Pakistani children

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Bone changes were analyzed in 84 children diagnosed as having leukemia by skeletal Xrays at different stages of diagnosis, remisison, consolidation and after 1 year. The types, frequency and distribution of lesions was related to the types of leukemia, bone symptoms if present and short term (1 - year) survival. No clear relationship could be detected between the type of leukemia and type of lesions. Cortical and periosteal lesions were more common in children complaining of bone pains. The spectrum of osseus manifestations in the order of frequency comprised reduced bone density, metaphyseal lucencies, bone destruction — permeative and focal, periosteal reactions, sutural diastasis and vertebral collapse. The commonest sites of involvement were distal radius and metacarpals. A comprehensive review of radiologically-manifest bone involvement in childhood leukemia is presented in the end.

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