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Aim of this case report is to present a rare case of primary malignant melanoma of brain stem at the region of medulla oblongata mimicking as cavernoma. 40-year-old male presented with vertigo, headache, dizziness for 1 month. MRI showed pear shaped T1 hyperintense lesion at medulla oblongata and predominantly hypointense on T2 with focal area of hemorrhage. Lesion showed diffuse enhancement on postcontrast images. On plain CT lesion was Hyperdense. It was initially reported as Cavernoma. Surgical excision of lesion was done with per-op findings of solid, dark maroon colored lesion with hemorrhage. Histopathology showed neoplastic lesion with abundant melanin pigment deposition. The lesion was finally diagnosed as Malignant neoplasm with features favoring Malignant Melanoma.

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International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal

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