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Granulomatous mastitis is a rare benign condition often seen in young lactating females of reproductive age group. Prepubescent males or elderly women may also be the victim of this infectious disease. Primary infection of the breast may occur through skin abrasions, open wounds or through the lactiferous ducts while secondary spread occurs from an infective focus elsewhere in the body via lymphatic or hematogenous routes. We present a case of breast tuberculosis diagnosed in a 62-year-old man at our institution. The patient presented with a palpable painful mass in the left breast with chronic sinus formation and pus discharge for a month with loss of appetite and weight loss. The etiology was unknown. The imaging features were suggestive of tuberculosis. Histopathology was concordant with imaging and showed chronic granulomatous inflammation with necrosis. The patient received oral anti-tuberculosis therapy for six months with no side effects or any further complications. Breast tuberculosis is a rare entity especially in male breast mimicking carcinoma. The mainstay of treatment is antitubercular therapy if imaging and histopathology confirms the diagnosis. Clinical awareness is necessary during diagnostic workup for establishing the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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