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Objective: To determine value of CT scan in diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, its complications and to correlate with severity among different age groups.Methods: The study was carried out from August 2001 to August 2002 at the Radiology Department, Aga Khan University Hospital. A total of 40 patients (33 male and 7 female) with age range from 16-71 years were divided in three groups. Group I was less than 40 years (12 patients), Group II was between 40-60 years (17 patients), and Group III was more than 60 years (11 patients). CT scans were assessed for pancreatic necrosis and its complications. CT Severity Index (CTSI) was calculated according to Balthazar's method.Results: In 17 patients with mild pancreatitis, 5 had necrosis involving one-third of pancreas. In 13 patients with severe pancreatitis, 8 had necrosis involving more than half of the pancreas and 5 had necrosis involving half of the pancreas. No significant correlation was demonstrated between moderate pancreatitis and degree of necrosis. Thirty patients had complications, 8 had mild CTSI, 9 had moderate CTSI and 13 patients had severe CTSI.CONCLUSION: The study demonstrated a relationship between CTSI and severity of pancreatic damage and incidence of complications.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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