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Objective: To evaluate the safety, efficacy and complications of percutaneous gastrostomy catheter placementunder flouro guidance for long-term enteral feeding.MATERIALS AND Methods: Between April 1998 to May 2002, 23 patients who had percutaneous gastrostomy catheter placement were retrospectively reviewed. Clinical indications for catheter placement included patients with neurologic disease, head and neck malignancy, and pulmonary disease patients. Placement of 12 - 14 Fr gastrostomy catheter was then accomplished with the Seldinger technique. The technical success, procedural complications were recorded.Results: Twenty seven procedures, including revisions, were performed. The success rate for catheter placement was 100%. Revision was necessary in 7 (30%) instances in 7 patients. There was one (3.8%) major and 4 (14.8%) minor complications.CONCLUSION: Fluoroscopically directed percutaneous placement of gastrostomy catheters is a safe and effective procedure.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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