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Acute cholecystitis leading to development of a pseudoaneurysm of the hepatic artery is a very rare complication; however, a pseudoaneurysm resulting in gallbladder neck compression with dilatation of intrahepatic duct giving a Mirizzi syndrome like presentation is virtually unreported to the best of our knowledge. We report a case of a 60 years male patient who presented in emergency department with right hypochondrial pain and mild jaundice. Initial diagnosis of hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm causing compression of neck of gallbladder and common bile duct was made on ultrasound examination. This was resulting in gross distention of gallbladder and mild dilatation of intrahepatic ducts. Findings were confirmed on CT scan. Later successful selective transcatheter arterial embolization of the aneurysm and percutaneous cholecystostomy were performed.

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Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan

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