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Cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP), often considered the rarest form of ectopic pregnancy, is a result of implantation of the gestational sac into the fibrous tissue scar of a previous cesarean section. With an increase in the rate of cesarean sections, along with better awareness and improvement in sonographic diagnosis, the number and detection of scar pregnancies are on the rise. Because of its early invasion of the myometrium, usually in the first trimester, CSP is considered to be potentially lethal, leading to high risks of uterine rupture. We report a series of three cases of scar pregnancy that presented at different gestational ages and were managed by different methods. The aim of this case series is to share our experience with CSP, review previous literature, and emphasize on the radiological criteria to making a confident diagnosis. Diagnosis and management of CSP needs considerable expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to prevent complications.




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