Extracranial meningioma: an unusual presentation of a mass over inner canthus of left eye

Nasir Ali, Aga Khan University
Mubasher Ikram, Aga Khan University
Tahir Shafi Khan, Aga Khan University
Syed Athar Enam, Aga Khan University
Abdul Qadir Jangda, Aga Khan University
Farrok Karsan, Aga Khan University


Meningiomas are commonly encountered as intracranial brain tumours, but extracranial meningiomas do occur although seen rarely. Here we present a case of extracranial meningioma presenting as a mass over the medial canthus of left eye and the glabella with extension into the left ethmoid sinuses, without any neurological symptoms or signs. The patient underwent surgical excision, plastic surgical reconstruction and adjuvant radiotherapy after 3-dimensional conformal treatment planning.