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Objective: To examine the differences in the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients admitted through emergency versus non-emergency routes and see if these two groups of patients were significantly different from each other with respect to criteria mentioned in the title.Methods: Retrospective data was analysed in all 2576 patient records were reviewed and these patients were divided in two groups with respect to their mode of admission (emergency vs non emergency). These groups were then compared with respect to sex, age, length of stay, discharge status and diagnostic categories. Statistical package for social sciences version 8.0 (SPSS 8.0) was used to analyze the data.SETTING: The study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital, is a private tertiary care hospital with a 13 bed psychiatric facility.Results: When these two groups were compared, significant differences were found, with ER patients having a shorter length of stay and youngest mean age, proportion of females admitted via ER was greater than those in non-ER group. There were significantly more women in each group who were married. The percentage of patients who left against medical advice was greater in the ER group. In both the groups mood disorders including Bipolar disorder and major depressive disorders was the most prevalent category with psychotic disorders to follow. The percentage of patients in both these categories was greater in the non-ER group where as percentage of patients with conversion disorder was higher in the ER group.CONCLUSION: Significant differences were found in the patient characteristics admitted via ER versus Non ER. Shorter length of stay in ER group might indicate an acute episode resolving quickly. Studies need to be done prospectively to determine the difference in the two groups thus ascertaining the level of care needed for each group. Lastly, the high proportion of patients coming through the ER also indicates that there exists a need for primary care involvement in mental health care thus reducing the need for emergency room usage. Clinical and Demographic Characteristics of inpatients admitted via emergency and non-emergency routes at a university hospital in Pakistan.

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