The Adult Gastroenterology training programme at Aga Khan University is one of the leading postgraduate training programmes in Pakistan with an exceptional track record of transforming trainees into efficient clinicians, scholars, and leaders in academic and community Gastroenterology. So far our all 42 graduates are contributing tremendously in supporting the unmet need of health care systems in almost all major cities of Pakistan and various best International institutes as leading clinicians, researchers, and institutional leads in both academic and non-academic institutes.

Accredited with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, the structured Gastroenterology Fellowship programme was launched on Nov 1, 1997, which was then transformed into Gastroenterology Residency in 2007 as per CPSP requirement. Our programme is committed to facilitating the training sufficient to transform trainees into their best versions and to streamline the well-trained, competent workforce to be able to set up and deliver high-quality care for GI and Liver diseases, leading in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and research.

“Our every Programme Director, Coordinator, and Alumni are valuable to us” Hence, on the occasion of the PGME Silver Jubilee Celebration, we have created a web-based Repository highlighting the history of our Programme, acknowledging our PD, Coordinator, and Alumni.

Dr. Amna Subhan Butt (Programme Director, Gastroenterology Residency Programme, Conceptualised and Developed GI Programme Repository in collaboration with AKU Library; November 11, 2021)


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