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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Fluoroquinolone and macrolide antibiotics are generally considered as first-line drugs for the treatment of severe campylobacteriosis. This study was conducted to analyse the trend of erythromycin and ofloxacin resistance among Campylobacter spp. isolated from stool specimens over a period of 15 years (1992-2007) at The Aga Khan University clinical laboratory in Karachi, Pakistan. A total of 83 396 stool specimens were processed, with a 14% isolation rate for enteric pathogens. The isolation rate of Campylobacter spp. was low during 1992-93 (6%-13%), peaked in 1996 (46%), then ranged from 20% to 40%. We report a rising trend in ofloxacin resistance, re-emergence of erythromycin resistance and indications of co-resistance to both drugs in clinical isolates of Campylobacter spp.

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Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal = La Revue De Sante De La Mediterranee Orientale = Al-Majallah Al-Sihhiyah Li-Sharq Al-Mutawassit