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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


To analyze frequency of isolation and trends in antibiotic resistance among Campylobacter isolates over 11 year period in Microbiology Laboratory, Aga Khan University from the year 1992-2002.
Total 52,777 stool specimens were processed during the study period. Enteric pathogens isolated from 8,483 stool samples were further analyzed for frequency of isolation and antimicrobial resistance. Statistical Analysis was done by using descriptive statistics of SPSS version 10. Values were expressed as percentages, mean and rates.
Campylobacter species were third in frequency of isolation with an isolation rate of 24.8%. C. jejuni was the predominant pathogen followed by C.coli. Isolation rate of Campylobacter was higher (45.7%) among children under 2 years of age as compared to other age groups. A steady rise in resistance among Campylobacter isolates against ampicillin; tetracycline and ofloxacin has been noted whereas resistance against erythromycin remained fairly low.
The isolation of Campylobacter is higher from stool specimens of children of less than two years of age rendering Campylobacteriosis to be an important cause of gastroenteritis in pediatric population. This study also demonstrates a steady rise in antibiotic resistance in Campylobacter isolates especially against quinolones with fall in resistance against erythromycin throughout the study period.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association