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To compare accuracy and throughput time for the measurement of HDL and LDL cholesterol by manual precipitation and fully automated enzymatic methods.
Fifty, serum samples collected over a 4 months period (February - May 2004) were analyzed for HDL and LDL cholesterol by two different methods i.e. precipitation manual and automatic enzymatic method in the section of chemical pathology, Department of Pathology and Microbiology, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi Pakistan.
The mean standard deviation for HDL Cholesterol by precipitation method and automated method were 43.12 +/- 8.97mg/dl and 43.86 +/- 10.34mg/dl respectively (p-value = 0.301). The mean standard deviation for LDL cholesterol by precipitation method and automated method were 111.76 +/- 25.57mg/dl and 111.8 +/- 28.41mg/dl respectively (p-value = 0.981). The calculated "t" and "F" value for HDL-C was 0.0172 and 0.75 respectively, and calculated "t" and "F" values for LDL-C were 0.047 and 0.809 respectively. Average time for manual method was 45 minutes and automation 20 minutes.
Both the precipitation (manual) method and the automated method provide reliable, precise and accurate results. In both the methods "t" and "F" values were less than critical. Automated method provide high throughput and are less labor intensive. The choice of method can depend on laboratory facilities and workload


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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