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Objective: To evaluate the response of Imatinib mesylate in patients with myeloid leukemia in chronic ,accelerated and blast phase.
Methods:Eleven patients with established diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia were treatedwith Imatinib mesylate. Adverse events were documented with regular follow ups. Hematological and cytogeneticresponses were assessed according to established criteria. Patients with zero percent Philadelphia positivemetaphases were labeled as complete cytogenetic response while patients with 1% to 35% Philadelphia positive metaphases were termed as partial responders.
Results: Of 11 cases there were 7 males and 4 females with a mean age of 39.5 years and median age 51 years(range 21-69). Male to female ratio was 7:4. Median follow-up was 34 weeks (range 8-78). Four patients werein blast crisis, 1 in accelerated phase and remaining six patients were in chronic phase. All patients achieved hematological response. Cytogenetic response was present in six patients, 3 were responders and the remainingwere non responders. Two patients achieved complete cytogenetic response and one patient had partial cytogenetic response. Both patients with complete cytogenetic response relapsed in twelve weeks time.
Conclusion: Imatinib mesylate is a drug with curative potential and can be used as a first line drug in the management of CML, however at present the cure rate is unknown

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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