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Haematology/Oncology; Pathology and Microbiology


Background: We report the results of a cost effective improvement in the protocol for detection of haemoglobin variants which incorporates the findings of peripheral blood film along with the results of HPLC.
Findings: A total of n = 10,844 samples were received from January 2011 till August 2011. Diagnosis of haemoglobinopathy was made in n = 1123 samples while other abnormalities included iron deficiency anaemia, megaloblastic anaemia, malarial parasite, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and G6PD deficiency (n = 2473).
Conclusion: We diagnosed 23% of abnormalities other than haemoglobinopathy by reviewing peripheral smear of samples received for detection of haemoglobin variants. This resulted in providing proper diagnosis to the referring physician without increment in cost.

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BMC Research Notes

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