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Pathology and Microbiology



Objective: To determine the accuracy of frozen section in the diagnosis of breast lump. Methods: Frozen section diagnosis given in consecutive breast biopsies performed in 5 years in our laboratory was evaluated against the final pathology report of permanent sections. Results: The Aga Khan University Hospital Lab receives more than 400 cases per year for frozen section. Three hundred and nineteen consecutive frozen sections of breast lumps examined from 1999-2003 were considered for analysis. Age of patients ranged between 22 and 90 years (mean age 49 years). In 316 cases (99%) there was no difference between the frozen section diagnosis and the final diagnosis. Three cases (0.94%) were incorrect; 2 cases (0.62%) were false positive. One case was false negative (0.31%). In 7 cases (2.19%), frozen section diagnosis was deferred to permanent sections. Frozen section diagnostic accuracy was 99%. Sensitivity and specificity was 99.3% and 93% respectively. Positive predictive value and negative predictive values of frozen section were 96.6% and 99.3% respectively. Conclusion: High accuracy of the frozen-section diagnosis in the breast lumps was confirmed in our study (JPMA 55;533:2005).

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association