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Pathology and Microbiology


In this study, the response of Imitanib Mesylate in patients with Gastro-intestinal stromal cell tumour (GIST) was assessed. GIST results from a mutation in one of the receptor protein tyrosine kinases. Imitanib Mesylate, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, has emerged as a promising new treatment for GISTs. Total 16 cases were reviewed. Diagnosis was based on biopsy and immunohistochemistry. Response assessment was done using CT scans, at a median duration of 4 months. The median age of the patients was 52 years, Majority were male (n=14). Most common presenting complaint was abdominal pain (n=7). Commonest primary site was stomach (n=7), Liver was the most common organ involved in metastasis (n=8). All patients received Imitanib 400 mg orally, once a day. No mortality was reported during median follow up time of 28 months on Imitanib. There was also either radiological remission (n=5) or response (n=5), in about half of the patients without any serious side effects.


Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association