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Pathology and Microbiology


Angiokeratomas (AC) are vascular lesions which are defined histologically as one or more dilated blood vessels lying directly subepidermal and showing an epidermal proliferative reaction with ectatic capillaries in the papillary dermis. Only three other cases of isolated mucosal angiokeratoma have been reported in the indexed literature. We reviewed all cases of angiokeratoma located on the tongue, diagnosed in our department during a study period of 10 years (1995-2005). Histologically all 14 cases showed dilated and congested blood vessels in the upper papillary dermis. They lack deep dermal involvement. Hyperkeratosis and acanthosis were also seen in most of the cases. No clinical data was available to assess systemic disease. A higher incidence of of AC in tongue is seen in our study.


Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association