Sequence Variants in the WNT10B Underlying Non-Syndromic Split-Hand/Foot Malformation

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Introduction: Split hand and foot malformation (SHFM) or ectrodactyly is a rare limb deformity characterized by median cleft of the hand and foot with impaired or missing central rays. It can occur as an isolated anomaly or in association with abnormalities of other body parts.
Methods: After delineating the clinical features of two families (A-B), with non-syndromic SHFM, exome and Sanger sequencing were employed to search for the disease-causing variants.
Results: Analysis of exome and Sanger sequencing data revealed two causative variants in the WNT10B gene in affected members of the two families. This included a novel missense change [c.338G>C; p.(Gly113Ala)] in family A and a previously reported frameshift variant [c.884-896delTCCAGCCCCGTCT; p.(Phe295Cysfs*87)] in family B.
Conclusion: Our findings add a novel variant in WNT10B gene as the underlying cause of SHFM. The finding adds to the growing body of knowledge about the genetic basis of developmental disorders and provides valuable insights into the molecular mechanisms that regulate limb development.


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Molecular Syndromology