Musculoskeletal manifestations in alkaptonuria: A cross-sectional study

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Paediatrics and Child Health


This study aimed to determine the patient characteristics and clinical presentation of Alkaptonuria cases reported by the Biochemical Genetics Lab.An observational study was conducted at the Biochemical Genetics Lab. Alkaptonuria patients were diagnosed based on the homogentisic acid peak in urine and their demographics and clinical data collected from to 2013 to 2019. Clinical history related to joint diseases, ochronotic presentation, and urine darkening on standing was collected.During 7 years, 21 Alkaptonuria cases were reported from BGL; mean age 19.4 ± 24.5 years (range 0.2-66 years) and male to female ratio of 2:1. Of the total, only 9 were adults (mean age, 44 ± 12 years). Most adult patients had musculoskeletal involvement, with joint pain (n = 9) and ochronotic pigmentation (n = 6), whereas all patients presented with a history of urine darkening on standing (21/21 cases).The high prevalence of musculoskeletal involvement observed in patients with albuminuria is likely to be missed by physicians unless specifically tested for in such cases.


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