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Malignant eccrine spiradenoma (MES) is an exceedingly rare skin adnexal tumor that arises from pre-existing benign eccrine spiradenoma (BES). MES tumors show a wide spectrum of morphological features, posing a diagnostic challenge to the pathologist. Sarcomatous (heterologous) elements are seen in a few of these tumors, further complicating the morphological picture. We herein describe a case of a 66-year-old male who presented with a recently enlarging, ulcerated, nodular skin lesion over the right leg that had been present for the last 25 years. The patient underwent wide local excision of the tumor. Microscopic examination revealed a neoplastic lesion comprising benign and malignant components. The carcinomatous component showed features of infiltrating adenocarcinoma, not otherwise specified, whereas the sarcomatous component showed predominant osteosarcomatous and focal chondrosarcomatous differentiation. The benign component showed morphological and immunohistochemical features of BES. No adjuvant treatment was administered. The patient was alive and disease-free for 14 months, after which he was lost to follow-up. Careful identification and knowledge related to histological diversity are keys to the correct diagnosis of this rare tumor. MESs are potentially aggressive tumors, and therefore, close long-term follow-up should be maintained.


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