Practice of academic surgical pathology during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Objectives: To determine the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on our service, pre-, and postgraduate education and discuss the measures taken to ensure continued provision of quality service as well as education during the mandatory lockdown.
Methods: Measures taken to protect staff from infection and minimize virus transmission within the department as well as measures taken to allow smooth provision of quality service and uninterrupted pre- and postgraduate education were analyzed. Data were collected regarding case volumes (histology, cytology, and frozen sections) and case complexity during the lockdown and analyzed.
Results: Staggered rota was introduced for all staff. Strict social distancing measures were implemented. Staff was extensively counseled regarding the importance of protective measures. Pre- and postgraduate education, which was temporarily suspended, was quickly resumed using online teaching ensuring continuation of academic activities. The volume of cases decreased during the lockdown but complexity increased even more.
Conclusions: Immediate and effective measures were taken to protect staff from infection and ensure smooth provision of quality services. Measures were quickly taken to ensure resumption of pre- and postgraduate academic activities. The volume of cases decreased but complexity increased. There is fear among faculty and staff regarding the future.


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American Journal of Clinical Pathology