Persistence of candida auris on latex and nitrile gloves with transmission to sterile urinary catheters

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Medical College Pakistan


Candida auris' ability to persist on contaminated gloves and transmit to urinary catheters was evaluated. 105 and 103 cfu/ml suspensions of eight Candida species including C. auris were inoculated on latex and nitrile gloves fingertips and touched on agar surface at different time intervals. Urinary catheter piece, touched by latex glove carrying Candida spp. suspensions at various time intervals, was cultured by roll-plate method. C.auris persisted on latex gloves at both 105 and 103 cfu/ml up to 3 minutes and could be transmitted from both wet and dry contaminated gloves to catheters. Proper glove use with strict hand hygiene should be advocated in settings with ongoing C.auris transmission.


Medical Mycology