Chronic invasive aspergillosis in apparently immunocompetent hosts

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Seventeen cases of invasive aspergillosis occurring since 1987 in apparently immunologically normal hosts have been reviewed: 9 of invasive sinus aspergillosis, 2 of isolated brain abscesses, 3 of pneumonia (1 in a patient who developed mediastinitis), 2 of lymph node aspergillosis, and 1 of osteomyelitis of the foot. Two of the 9 patients with sinus aspergillosis died; the rest were stable up to March 1993. They responded initially to combined surgical and medical therapy. Both patients with brain abscesses survived following surgery, but one had neurological sequelae. Both patients with pneumonia were well following therapy with amphotericin B; one also received itraconazole. The patient with mediastinitis died, but this disease was diagnosed late. The patients with lymph node involvement were lost to follow-up, as was the patient with osteomyelitis. Invasive aspergillosis may be common in Pakistan. Greater awareness would allow earlier diagnosis and therapy, thereby improving the outcome.


Clinical Infectious Diseases