Malignant phyllodes tumor in an 11-year-old girl with fatal clinical outcome A case report

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Background: Phyllodes tumors are rare biphasic tumors occur predominantly in middle aged women. Malignant phyllodes tumor in children is very rare.Objective: To report a case of malignant phyllodes tumor in a pre-menarchal girl.Methods: H&E slides of the case were reviewed and follow up was obtained.Results: The patient was 11-year-old girl who noticed a lump in her right breast 1 year back which grew rapidly in size. Wide local excision of the mass was done and histopathology revealed a malignant phyllodes tumor. Patient underwent mastectomy one month later due to recurrence. Two years later, she presented with dyspnea and chest pain. CT showed lung metastasis. The patient died of disease 1 year later due to widespread metastasis in liver and bone.CONCLUSION: We report a case of malignant phyllodes tumor in an 11-year-old girl, which behaved aggressively and patient died of disease due to widespread metastases 3 years after diagnosis.


Breast Disease