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Medical College Pakistan; Ophthalmology


Objective: To assess the diagnostic accuracy of the IOLMaster 700 foveal scans to detect foveal pathology compared with a standard swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) device.
Results: One hundred seventy eye scans of 95 patients were included in the final analyses. Ninety-nine (58.2%) scans were classified as abnormal by SS-OCT. Mean sensitivity of the biometry device was 67.5% (range: 51-84%) and mean specificity was 69.5% (range: 44-95%). Intra-class correlation coefficients were 0.912 and 0.835, for reader 1 and 2, respectively. Area under the curve for receiver operating curve was 0.726. Foveal scans of the IOLMaster 700 can provide clinically useful information. Clinicians should pay attention to the macular scans when reviewing biometry prior to cataract surgery and standard macular OCT should ideally be supplemented in suspicious cases.


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