Increased disk size in glaucomatous eyes vs normal eyes in the Reykjavik eye study

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Purpose: To evaluate the use of disk diameter as an indicator in the identification of glaucomatous optic neuropathy.
Methods: We evaluated all available stereofundus photographs for 1,040 right eyes obtained in the Reykjavik Eye Study. Horizontal and vertical disk diameters were determined in a masked manner by a glaucoma specialist (K.F.D.). All disk diameters were corrected for refractive error.
Results: There were significant differences (P <.05) between the corrected vertical disk diameters of normal subjects (0.189 +/- 0.018 inches) and those suspected of having glaucoma (0.202 +/- 0.020 inches) as well as between the normal and the glaucoma groups (0.206 +/- 0.029 inches). The corrected horizontal measurement showed the same pattern.
Conclusions: In the Reykjavik Eye Study, optic disks meeting structural criteria for glaucoma are significantly larger than normal nerves.


This work was published before the author joined Aga Khan University.

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American Journal of Ophthalmology