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Pulmonary and Critical Care


Pulmonary hyalinising granulomas are rare, noninfectious fibrosclerosing lesions of the lung which can mimic metastatic disease. It was first described in literature by Engleman et al in the year 1977. Its etiology is unknown but they may be caused by an exaggerated immune response. The patient typically presents with cough, chest pain. dyspnoea or haemoptysis in association with multiple bilateral parenchymal nodules. We report the case of a 20 years old male who presented with a 12-month history of worsening dry cough. His plain chest radiograph and subsequent CT scan revealed bilateral pulmonary nodules. A CT guided biopsy of the pulmonary lesions was consistent with Pulmonary Hyalinising Granuloma [PHG].

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association