Non-invasive ventilation in the management of acute respiratory failure in Pakistan

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Pulmonary and Critical Care


Data were collected from hospital records on all patients who received non-invasive ventilation (NIV) during the period 1999-2000. Patients were treated with NIV if they had type I or type II respiratory failure or if they had respiratory distress with a respiratory rate above 30/min. A total of 68 patients (35 males) were studied. NIV was applied using a Respironics Bi-PAP device mostly on a high-dependency unit (HDU). A successful outcome with NIV was achieved in 70% (26/37) of patients with type II failure, 65% (11/17) patients with type I failure and 64% (9/14) patients with respiratory distress. Of the 16 patients considered to be inappropriate for invasive ventilation on admission, eight were treated successfully with NIV. NIV can be applied successfully in developing countries.

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Tropical Doctor