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Objective: To study the inter-relationship between the stratum corneum of host and the fungal microorganisms using scanning electron microscopy for a complete understanding of the host parasite relationship.

Setting: The patients attended the outpatients of Department of Dermatology, King Abdul Aziz Hospital Makkah. The isolation & identification was carried out at the Department of Mycology University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, U.K.

Material and Methods: Skin surface biopsies were obtained from two patients suffering from tinea cruris infection. One patient was infected with Trichophyton rubrum and the other with Epidermophyton floccosum strains.

Results: The scanning electron microphotographs obtained from two patients showed a large number of villi in the infected area. The fungal hyphae were seen to be placed intercellularly as well seem to be transversing through the corneocytes in many places.

Conclusion: From the results observed in this study it could be suggested that the secretion of proteinases from the fungal hyphae together with the mechanical force of the invading organisms in vivo might be playing part in the invasion of the organisms.


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