Endoscopic stent placement for the management of gastro-pleural and gastro-cutaneous fistula post laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: A case report

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Internal Medicine


Background: Gastro-pleural and gastro-cutaneous fstulae formation are rare yet life-threatening complications post-bariatric surgery. To our knowledge so far only limited cases of gastro-pleural and gastro-cutaneous fstulae post gastric sleeve surgery have been reported in the literature with their corresponding management. Therefore, we are reporting a case of placement of an endoscopic stent in the management of gastro-cutaneous fistula post laparoscopic sleeve gastrecCase presentation: A 42 years old Pakistani, female morbidly obese patient, underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Within a week after the procedure, the patient presented with dyspnea. Workup showed a gastric leak for which percutaneous drain placement was done. Later, gastro-pleural and gastro-cutaneous fstulae were formed for which endoscopic fstula closure was done using a metallic stent
Conclusion: Endoscopic stent placement is an emerging feld and it is considered safe and effective for the management of complications related to bariatric surgery


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Journal of Medical Case Reports