Therapeutic outcomes following isolated transcatheter tricuspid valve repair: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Internal Medicine


Tricuspid regurgitation (TR) is traditionally treated surgically, but isolated transcatheter tricuspid valve repair (ITTVR) offers a less invasive option. This study conducts a meta-analysis and systematic review to evaluate ITTVR outcomes in patients with TR. Database searches until March 2023 identified studies assessing ITTVR safety and efficacy in moderate/severe TR patients. Primary outcomes analyzed were severe TR, NYHA functional class improvement, and 6-minute walking distance. Meta-analyses used Risk ratio (RR) or mean difference with a random effects model. The review included 25 studies with 2421 patients. ITTVR improved NYHA functional class (RR: 3.262), reduced TR severity (RR: 0.303), and enhanced 6-minute walking distance (MD: +47.077 m). Echocardiographic parameters improved, including reductions in TR vena contracta, TR EROA, septolateral tricuspid annular diameter, RVEDD, RV FAC, and TAPSE. LVEF and PASP showed no significant changes. ITTVR improves functional outcomes and echocardiographic parameters in TR patients


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