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Medicine; Internal Medicine


Telemedicine use for patients with autoimmune rheumatic conditions during the pandemic mandates better characterization. We conducted a telephonic survey on patients who consulted rheumatologists remotely to determine their attitudes toward telemedicine. The study was conducted at Aga Khan University Hospital, a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan which is a lower-middle-income country. Descriptive analyses were performed. Fifty patients visited tele-rheumatology clinic, 35 (70.0%) were female with a mean (SD) age of 47.6 (18.1) years. Majority (27, 54.0%) learned about telemedicine from hospital website and outpatient clinic desk or helpline. Lack of examination was the biggest concern with teleconsultation (18, 22.2%). Most patients (38, 76.0%) agreed to continue teleconsultation beyond the pandemic. Telemedicine is preferable for providing rheumatology outpatient service during and after the pandemic.


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