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Internal Medicine; Emergency Medicine


This study was conducted to determine the compliance and knowledge of sepsis guidelines among resident physicians in a tertiary care hospital of a developing country. A self-structured validated questionnaire was prepared to evaluate compliance and knowledge of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) guidelines. A total of 76 resident physicians completed the questionnaire; out of these, 51 (67%) were from Internal Medicine department and 25 (33%) were from Emergency Medicine department of the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi. A total of 71 (93%) participants claimed to be aware of the SSC guidelines but only 20 (26%) considered themselves very knowledgeable on the subject. Thirty-five (46%) physicians claimed that they were using the guidelines regularly. We concluded that the overall knowledge and compliance of sepsis guidelines was suboptimal. This emphasises the need for increased awareness and teaching of sepsis and SSC guidelines to improve patient outcomes in developing countries.

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JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association