Lack of correlation between alpha-fetoprotein and tumor size in hepatocellular carcinoma

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Objective: To determine whether there was a correlation between tumor size and alpha feto-protein (alpha-FP) levels in hepatocellular carcinoma.SETTING: Retrospective study in tertiary referral center with specialist Oncology services in Southern Pakistan.SUBJECTS: Consecutive patients with biopsy-proven hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosed between January 1994 and June 1998.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Correlation between alpha-FP levels and maximum tumor diameter.Results: The mean tumor size was 8.3 +/- 4.2 cm. The mean alpha-FP level was 17,027 ng/ml. Twenty four percent patients had an alpha-FP level which was within the normal limits (< 10 ng/ml). There was no correlation between tumor size and alpha-FP levels (r = -0.155; p = 0.129).CONCLUSION: There was no correlation between the tumor size and alpha-FP levels.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association