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This study was conducted to determine the frequency, clinical profile, and short-term outcome of children with hyperleukocytosis at two pediatric oncology centers in Karachi. Of a total 1,045 patients, 13.97% (n=146) patients had hyperleukocytosis. Majority (61.7%, n=90) were under 10 years of age and 76% (n=146) were male. The symptom duration before diagnosis was more than 30 days in 49.3% (n=72). The median WBC count was 181 x109/L (IQR=130.45- 298.3) and extreme hyperleukocytosis (>200 x109/L) was observed in 44.5% (n=65) patients. Majority (94.5%, n=138) of patients were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. One or more complications developed in 78% (n=114) of cases. Clinical and laboratory tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) was observed in 17.1% (n=25) and 39% (n=57) patients, respectively. Pulmonary and neurological complications related to leukostasis were noted in 9.5% (n=14) and 27.3% (n=40) of cases, respectively. Infectious complications occurred in 23.2% (n=34) patients. The case-specific mortality was 20.5% (n=30). No mortality was related to early complications of hyperleukocytosis.

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Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan

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