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Haematology/Oncology; Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Objective: The aim of the retrospective correlational analysis was to identify the attributes valued most by students for assessing the overall effectiveness of a teacher.
Responses of the students to the two versions of evaluation questionnaires, each attempting to assess 4 and 8 characteristics respectively on a scale of 1-5 were included in the analysis. The third and fourth year students, at the end of each course/module completed a total of 2110 evaluation forms, which were studied.
The over all effectiveness of the teacher showed statistically significant correlation of .914 and .895 with ability to communicate ideas effectively and clarity and organisation of the lectures. Whereas the knowledge of subject and the successful use of teaching aids showed a correlation of .658 and .637 with a statistical significance of P
Conclusion:Students need a basic outline of what they have to learn and guidance to plan their studies OPMA 49: 135, 1999).

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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