PD.011 Lack of prognostic significance of myeloid antigen co-expression in children with precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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The clinical significance of myeloid antigen co-expression (My Ag+) in childhood acute lymphoblast leukemia (ALL) has remained controversial. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the incidence of My Ag+ co-expression and its prognostic significance in children with precursor B-ALL in our patient population.
Patients and Methods: Medical records of 340 pediatric (>1 to patients diagnosed with precursor B-ALL and treated at our institution between January 1999 and December 2004 was retrospectively reviewed. Patients were treated on risk-adjusted treatment protocols. The immunophenotype data were reviewed and recorded according to the European group for immunologic classification of leukemia (EGIL)to identify the subset of patients with My Ag+.
Result: Out of 340 patients with precursor B-ALL, 61 (17.94%) patients were found to have My Ag+. In univariate analysis, age, gender, and CNS involvement at diagnosis of My Ag+ group were comparable to their counterparts of My Ag-group. Induction remission was achieved in 99.2% and 100% of My Ag- and My Ag+ group respectively. 59 of 269(21.1%) and 15 of 57(26%) patients at risk relapsed at a median time of 15.2 and 18.2 months from the induction remission in the My Ag- and My Ag+ group respectively. The 5-year overall and event -free survival were 87.46% and 74%(p=0.6) in My Ag- and 85.25%and 72% (p=0.9) in My Ag+ group respectively. Similar treatment outcome was observed when My Ag+/My Ag-patients were compared across the standard, high, and poor risk group categories with a 5 year-EFS of 84.9 and 84.6, p=0.9 within the standard group, 75.5 and 69.05, p=0.85 within the high risk group and 44 and 50, p=0.84 within the poor risk group for My Ag-and My Ag+ patients respectively. In multivariate analysis of the whole group, the co-expression of myeloid antigens was not found to have any prognostic significance. Thus My +Ag and My-Ag childhood precursor B-ALL have similar treatment outcome across the different risk groups.


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Pediatric Blood & Cancer