Microscopic colitis in a young male: Unveiling the Rarity

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Medicine; Gastroenterology; Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


In recent decades, microscopic colitis (MC) has become increasingly recognized as a common contributor to diarrhea and lower gastrointestinal symptoms, particularly among the older demographic. The condition is distinguished by persistent diarrhea with loose watery stools, and endoscopic examination is typically normal with characteristic histopathologic findings. MC is rarely seen under 30 years of age and is less common in males. Our case highlights an exceedingly uncommon clinical setting as it involves a young male who was diagnosed with collagenous colitis. The diagnosis of MC can easily be missed by physicians during initial evaluation. Specifically in irritable bowel syndrome patients with diarrhea predominant symptoms, a colonoscopy should be performed and biopsies should be taken from the entire colon to rule out MC.


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The Cureus Journal of Medical Science