Epidemiology of Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases in Pakistan

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Pakistan is among ten most populous countries in world. All sorts of hepatitis are highly prevalent in Pakistan. Due to lack of proper mechanisms to handle sewerage, disinfection and lack of clean water supply across the country, hepatitis A and E are endemic in Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan ranked in intermediate prevalence zone for hepatitis B and C. Also, prevailing socioeconomic conditions, political statuses and unstable healthcare delivery system are not suitable for tackling further progression of hepatitis viruses and its complications. The notable factors related to epidemiology of different hepatitis viruses have been described in this communication.How to cite this article: Butt AS. Epidemiology of Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases in Pakistan. Euroasian J Hepato-Gastroenterol 2015;5(1):43-48.

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Euroasian Journal of Hepato-Gastroenterology