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We analyzed 77 consecutive hepatitis C antibody positive patients to compare the history, laboratory data and histological features of community acquired (CA) and post-transfusion (PT) hepatitis C. Forty-six patients had "CA" and 31 "PT" hepatitis C. Mean age in both groups was same (45.67 vs 46 years). Male to female ratio was 2:1 in the CA group and 1:2.4 in the PT group. Mean duration between jaundice and first presentation was 8.9 years in the CA group and the mean duration between transfusion and first presentation was 9.8 years in PT group. No significant difference was found between two groups in the laboratory data. Liver biopsy was done in 32 patients (19 CA and 13 PT group). Mean histological score for disease activity was 9.3 in both groups, although more (68%) patients in the CA group had cirrhosis with chronic active hepatitis, (CAH) as compared to the PT (54%) group. Hepatitis C is an important cause of CA hepatitis. PT hepatitis C is more common in females because of increased likelihood of receiving transfusion for obstetric and gynaecological reasons. There is no significant difference in the laboratory and histological features between CA and PT hepatitis C.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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