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OBJECTIVE: To assess the quality of gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopic procedures and patient satisfaction in endoscopy suite of South Asian country.

METHODS: Patients coming to the endoscopic suite of Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) were interviewed and assessed in this cross-sectional study. Quality of GI endoscopic procedures was evaluated using assessment tools as suggested by The American Society of Gastroenterology. Patient satisfaction after the procedure was assessed using a modified GHAA-9 questionnaire. The questionnaire was statistically evaluated using Pareto analysis and Spearman rank correlation.

RESULTS: In this study, 323 patients were evaluated with a mean age of 43 +/- 14.36 years. Out of all the procedures 251 (77.7%) were gastroscopies while 72 (22.3%) were colonoscopies. Patients undergoing different therapeautic procedures were 121 in number (37.46%). Pre-procedure education was rated as excellent or very good by 91.3% of the patients. Midazolam was used for sedation with an average dose of 3 mg. Technically successful procedures included 99.2% gastroscopies and 98.6% colonoscopies. Mean score of patients regarding satisfaction on mGHAA-9 questionnaire was 30 +/- 3.965. Patient dissatisfaction calculated in our study was 3.6% with the length of time spent waiting before procedure and length of time waiting to get an appointment for the procedure contributing to 90% of dissatisfaction.

CONCLUSIONS: Quality of endoscopic procedures at our centre is at par with international standards with acceptable complication rate and good patient satisfaction.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association