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Diabetes/Endocrinology and Metabolism


Sixty-two consecutive episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) were studied at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi. Forty-four (71%) were type I and 18 (29%) type II diabetics. Mean age was 28.1 years and mean duration of diabetes 4.1 years. Infections were the most common precipitating factor accounting for 28 episodes (45.2%). Twenty-two patients (35.5%) had hyperosmolality (serum osmolality > 320 mosmol/L). Mean serum Na+ was 131.7 mmol/L and K+ 4.6 mmol/L. Twenty-three (37.1%) were hyperkalemic at presentation with seven patients (11.3%) being comatosed and 35 (56.5%) alert. Mean random blood glucose (RBG) was 624 mg/dl, mean pN 7.09, osmolality 316 mosmol/L and the neurological status correlated statistically significantly with mean RBG, pH and osmolality. A leukemoid response was seen in 83.9% episodes. Mortality rate was 8.0% in patients with DKA managed in this hospital.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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