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Department of Medicine


Objective: The purpose of this review is to summarize the findings regarding the prevalence and risk factors of Diabetes Mellitusin developed and developing world and to review the management options for Diabetes Mellitus especially the role of telemedicine.

Methodology: Extensive literature review was carried by retrieving articles from various databases like Pub med, Google scholar, Science direct, Scopus and Archives of Medicine. Relevant articles were retrieved from different databases by using text words and phrases like ‘Diabetes Mellitus’, ‘Management’, ‘risk factors’, ‘prevalence of Diabetes’, ‘telemedicine’, ‘e- health’. Types of studies were descriptive studies, systematic reviews and various reports.

Findings: Various supporting systems have been made to upgrade the management of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus including mobile phones and internet. Mobile phones and internet are mechanical support tools for the patients with type 2 DM to improve their health by facilitating good communication between the patients and their respective health care providers.

Conclusion: There are multiple ways of managing Diabetes Mellitus ranging from oral medicines to insulin. These can be done either through the visits to the patients or the patients can be reminded to take the medicines through telemedicine. Telemedicine can play an important role in managing the patients with chronic diseases including Diabetes Mellitus.


Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Research.