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Diabetes/Endocrinology and Metabolism


The International Cardio-Metabolic Forum held a plenary session to establish a multinational consensus on the challenges faced in diabetes management within lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) and their potential solutions. Stakeholders, including patients, family/caretakers, healthcare professionals, and healthcare policymakers & organizations, participated in discussions. The audience of 280 doctors from 15 different countries (Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Myanmar, Georgia, Nigeria, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Tanzania, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, South Sudan and Libya) was divided into 4 groups led by Group Leaders to represent each stakeholder group. Questionnaires addressing key challenges and solutions specific to each group were used to facilitate consensus development. Participants voted on relevant options based on their clinical experience. SLIDO software was used for polling, generating separate results for each group. The insights shared by healthcare professionals highlighted the importance of improving medication accessibility and cost-effectiveness for patients, emphasizing the need for adherence to treatment plans and lifestyle modifications. The significance of balanced nutrition with low glycemic index food for enhancing quality of life was recognized. Caregivers of diabetic patients with comorbidities face increasing demands for care, particularly in relation to age-related milestones. Healthcare professionals emphasized the challenges posed by cultural beliefs and health awareness, underscoring the importance of teamwork and early referral for managing comorbidities. Healthcare policymakers need to focus on disease education, awareness programs, screening guidelines, and advocacy for community and clinical screening. By addressing these challenges, a more comprehensive and effective approach to diabetes management can be achieved in LMICs, ultimately improving outcomes for individuals with diabetes.

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Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences