Levothyroxine dosages during pregnancy among hypothyroid women. An experience from a tertiary care center of Karachi, Pakistan, based on data from Maternal Hypothyroidism on Pregnancy Outcomes Study (MHPO-5)

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Diabetes/Endocrinology and Metabolism


Objectives: The dosage of levothyroxine (LT4) during pregnancy differs among different ethnic groups worldwide. These differences are due to variations in geographical iodine distribution, autoimmunity, and variations in thyrotropin (TSH) targets for pregnancy. To the best of our knowledge, we report the levothyroxine dosage prescribed during pregnancy in hypothyroid women, for the first time from Pakistan.
Results: Levothyroxine dosage of 280 hypothyroid women during pregnancy were reviewed. The median LT4 dosages prescribed before conception was 85.7 mcg per day which increased by 14.3 mcg per day in the first trimester (P 0.001). A significant difference in dosage was observed between controlled and uncontrolled TSH groups in the first trimester (P 0.05). Lower LT4 dosage was prescribed for subclinical hypothyroid women as compared to overt hypothyroid cases, whereas dosages did not differ according to autoimmune status in the latter part of gestation


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