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We report a 22-year-old man who presented to the emergency department with worsening shortness of breath and chronic fever for 2 months. Physical examination was unremarkable except for raised jugular venous pressure and palpable liver. Echocardiogram showed a large right ventricular mass causing obstruction at tricuspid valve. A subsequent chest CT scan confirmed the presence of a large mass in the right ventricle. There were multiple enlarged lymph nodes and consolidation in the right upper lobe. Diagnosis of disseminated tuberculosis(TB) was made and later confirmed by histopathology of lymph node biopsy along with positive sputum culture for acid-fast bacilli. Remarkable recovery was observed on antituberculous therapy, with complete disappearance of the cardiac mass on echocardiogram, at 1-year follow-up. Although unusual and rare, myocardial involvement as a large mass should be kept in mind while treating patients with disseminated TB.


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