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In cases of pulmonary embolism, the visualization of a free-floating right heart thrombus on conventional transthoracic echocardiography is extremely rare. Even rarer is an echocardiographic recording of migration of a free-floating clot from the right heart into the pulmonary vasculature leading to pulmonary embolism. We present a unique case of an elderly man who presented with dyspnoea, in whom a routine 2-D bed side transthoracic echo recorded the live transit of a free floating thrombus from the right heart into the pulmonary artery resulting in pulmonary embolism. The patient remained haemodynamically stable and was managed with anticoagulation. Our case objectively highlights the rare occurrence of free floating right heart thrombi and their association with pulmonary embolism and also focuses on the options of management of such thrombi.


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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